The नवजीवन Educational Academy is a widely known educational institute in Nepal where we see every child as a winner. The school has a 39 years old history and rebranded in the year 2076 with its logo “Initiate Happiness”. Happiness of each of our stakeholders; students, teachers, parents and community is our ultimate priority. At नवजीवन, a great social atmosphere and optimal educational results go hand in hand. We aim to create a school environment where children learn a lot and enjoy coming to the school. This is supported on a daily basis by our team of enthusiastic and highly motivated teaching, administrative and auxiliary staffs. As a culture-based school with an international dimension, we place great importance on creating the best possible climate to live and work in, creating a homey feeling.

नवजीवन offers a child friendly, safe and well-organized environment, where children are encouraged to targeted learning in cooperation with their peers. With our long glorious history, we have been offering diverse programs from preschool to Bachelor’s level and our expansion plans to add more programs are in progression. Our school handbook is updated annually and contains important information for the full academic year. We recommend you to read and save a copy of school handbook from our webpage www.

Our Vision & Mission

Our motto, “Initiate Happiness”, reflects our understanding and beliefs. We aim to  responsible and holistic individual who can integrate the real sense of humanity. We aspire to create a continuous cooperative learning environment for our students to cope with a changing  and globalized society.

Our vision aligns with shifts in modern teaching methodologies, global trends and changed environment, which animates our mission. Our mission is   education that will inspire students for  provide meaningful learning experiences in safe student lifelong learners who are socially and globally competent. 

Message from Chairman

I am so glad to share with you that Navajeewan Education Academy, नवजीवन proudly moves to 39th year of its glorious establishment. We believe that the valuable support received from the Guardians and Parents over this period has helped us to arrive at this stage of maturity. नवजीवन has been continuously working to upgrade and strengthen its Physical Infrastructure, Campus Sanitation, Teaching- Learning environment and quality of teaching as well as Non- teaching Staff. Since we want to in culminate positive thinking in our students, teachers and Staffs we have initiated programs like Yoga, Culture and Moral Conduct. The नवजीवन family is quite encouraged by the positive feedback that we have been receiving from our Parents and well-wishers during the regular interactions we have been making with you all. We believe on producing quality Citizens capable to withstand the global competition in the market and real life, rather than making the students a book worm. नवजीवन believes in searching the hidden talents within the students and plans activities to bring them forward through various competitions, Counselling and Extra- curricular activities. We are serious towards our Social responsibilities as prescribed by the Educational authorities and we have been maintaining a creative collaboration with Local Government. We want to move forward through these virtues that we have developed over the long period of नवजीवन history. Furthermore, we are committed towards gradual and continuous development of teaching-learning environment to meet the need of the time. We would like to collaborate and therefore, invite creative suggestions from you all in this process of building academic excellence. At this important moment, नवजीवन family is very much pleased to Invite and Welcome new students to नवजीवन for the coming session. Let us work together with purpose, for meeting the noble objective of giving the best possible educational environment to our children, as this institution gears up simultaneously to that directions.

Message from CEO

Namaskar and a warm welcome to each one of you from नवजीवन school and college family. This year has been the year of positive change, rebranding Navajeewan with its logo, “Initiate Happiness”, introducing holistic development programs for our students, connecting Navajeewan with our community, improving student behaviors and academic aspects, training and development of our staffs and so on. We plan to increase international exposure of our students and have instigated those activities.
Located at the Samakhusi Chowk, the construction of our newly made building is almost complete. Our renovated canteen, computer lab, meeting hall and library has added on to student learning process. Our team is reenergized and excited for the brand new year and look forward to learning more this year. Thank you for your suggestions and feedback, we look forward to meeting you soon.

Message From Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Thank you for choosing Navajeewan for your child.  We welcome you to the large school family. Initiating Happiness among stakeholders is our root purpose so we believe your child will develop into a happy, mature, responsible citizen who can face the future with confidence.
Since we believe that for a child, the whole world is a classroom, and every experience a learning for life, we are committed to develop happy and capable children. We understand technological innovation has brought so many significant change in daily life behavior of people, and we as educators need to be adaptive and flexible to keep up with the changing educational needs of our children. To cope up with the fact we have introduce student first approach which believes that children are supposed to get personalized support in all aspects to discover and explore their individual talents with motivation and encouragement. We acknowledge that parents/guardians are the primary educators. We are looking forward to a productive partnership with the student and the parents to ensure each individual pupil to reach his/her optimum potential. Wbe successful in school, our children need support from both home and school. We know a strong partnership with you will make a significant difference in your child’s education. As partners, we share the responsibility for our children’s success and want you to know that we will do our very best to carry out our responsibilities.

We view education is not only the pupil’ intellectual development but also the pupil’s physical, social and spiritual development. Holistic development program that we have introduced emphasizes on integrating value of eastern culture in learning and developmental process help to be holistic human being. Extra and co-curricular activities are also integral part to develop the students as a whole. We believe activities to be relevant to the course and life, and are able to stimulate interest, encourage inquiry and promote understanding. Pupils should be praised and appreciated for their efforts, not only success. Children should get the chance to plan their own learning, to make decisions, and to take responsibility. We have adopted mindful curriculumin our institutional philosophy which emphasizes on comprehensive and stand-alone social and emotional learning program or adapted to complement existing wellbeing programs where child will play, grow and learn to imbibe value of life through exploration and discovery. Navajeewan school is moving into Inquiry-based-learning of which assessment for learning plays an integral role. This will equip our children with an excellent sense of reasoning and high confidence.

One of our core beliefs about academic success is that; hard work, determination and consistent effort are key elements in achieving success; all of the above is only possible within a firm but fair code of discipline. We are proud of our students and there is no doubt that your child will make a significant contribution to Navajeewan. We will work together as a , and people who have directly or indirectly trusted and supported us in our joyful journey. We hope the help continues in the coming year as well as all the years ahead.


Balaram Bhatta.

Our Philosophy and Values

At नवजीवन, we understand that every child is unique and learn to appreciate the individual differences. Our focus is to create a safe learning environment where each student can explore their interests and accelerate their abilities. We encourage the natural curiosity of young minds and plan to inculcate the habit of ‘life-long learners’ for every child. We offer modern teaching and learning methodology and ‘student first’ approach with our decisions centered in the needs of our students. Our curriculum reinforces critical thinking, public speaking, communication, problem solving, collaborative and analytical skills. We encourage our students to embrace new challenges, explore every dimensions, develop new skills, take calculated risks and use creativity to be happy. We attempt to provide practical value education for children so that they can adapt and survive in any condition. We have set high expectations and standards for the entire organization and are eager to help children to ultimately contribute towards the betterment of their society. We have members from diverse background and ethnicities enriching experiences of each other. We believe that children learn implicitly; therefore, to grow their learning process we have also started seminars and sessions with researchers from different countries and backgrounds.
We have an environment where children can learn self-respect and respect for others. Our emphasis lies to love and respect our nationality, community and overall humanity. We are proud of our country, our national anthem, our language, our culture, our tradition, our institution, our नवजीवन song, and our uniform. We strive to instill eastern values and rich Nepalese culture in integration with the modern western techniques and advancement. We respect our national language, Nepali and inspire our students to learn the Nepalese literature. As English is widely spoken language, we use it as our primary medium of communication.

In the Classroom

Our students are expected to be inquisitive, curious and creative inside the classroom. Each class in designed to accommodate a small number of students so that every student has easy access to teacher and resources. Our classrooms are comfortable and well - ventilated and also consist of various teaching materials for students to engage in various activities. Each classroom is designed according to the requirement of subject matter and is full of learning materials that stimulates interest and facilitate effective learning.

Beyond the classroom

नवजीवन provides balanced education by supplementing quality education with variety of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. To thrive academically and beyond, we have co-curricular activities which include variety of inter-house competition like singing, dancing, drama, storytelling, debates, and music. Cultural programs at our school include wide variety of cultural dances, dramas, songs, fashion parades, and anchoring techniques. Our holistic development program and mindful curriculum accentuates on teaching our students meditation, breathing techniques and emotional intelligence. These activities are intended to help students to reduce stress, stay focused, develop creativity, improve emotional intelligence, increase resilience and escalate physical well-being. Moreover, our students go on excursions, tours and visits to different locations to enhance the learning.

Care, Support and Security

Care and Counseling

We strive to foster the skill of each and every child so that they are able to carve themselves in the world. We also expect that each child should develop a positive self-image as well as value and respect for each other as individuals. Counseling is a major disciplinary tool at our school. We believe in treating children as young adults and listening to them with utmost care and concern. We also need parental support to ensure that children become independent, self - disciplined, and responsible.


All teachers are required to monitor the progress of children in their class, and the school's coordinator intervenes where necessary. These special needs may arise in children with learning difficulties, or emotional or behavioral issues.


We are aware of the need for a safe and secure environment, and the school has installed security systems and CCTV at the entrance near the classrooms, and at different locations around the school site. This allows us to monitor the whole site from the school office. Our school has a separate preschool building in the different premise. Our classrooms are large and well - ventilated, consisting of interest areas stacked with a stimulating range of child - friendly learning materials. Our daily routine is clear and balanced with pedagogical focus on plan do review reflect.

Teachers Training

Today, there is a need to shift from traditional-based teaching that is largely based on theoretical educational processes to a research-theory-based teaching that informs and inspires teaching and learning. Therefore, to adapt with the recent changes, we as teachers need to be well trained and competent. Instead of focusing only in the classroom, we need to emphasize on creative and innovative teaching methods. The competency and professional development of teachers can be improved by organizing teacher’s training program. Thus, we at नवजीवन consider teachers’ professional training and development as an imperative ingredient to support this teaching methodology. We also have a HRD wing that orients parents, trains teachers, observes and evaluates staffs, submits feedback and suggests requirement for improvements.